Pain after liposuction

Pain after liposuction

Liposuction is associated with a minimal degree of pain and discomfort after the surgery. It is considered as one of the harmless cosmetic surgeries.

Back in the days, liposuction brings major pain and discomfort to the patients. But thanks to the innovation and technology, the tumescent liposuction makes the process relatively straightforward and comes with minimal pain.

The tumescent solution will be introduced into the target areas of the body. A tiny incision will then be made where the liposuction cannula would be inserted. The tumescent solution relatively decreases the post-surgery swelling and bruising and it makes the recovery period almost painless.

If you have a high level of pain tolerance, this procedure won’t bring you pain at all. But if you have a low level of tolerance, you shouldn’t worry as there are proven pain medications that will be given to you by your surgeon. Just make sure to take them as instructed. Generally, the minimal level of pain lasts 24-48 hours.

Liposuction of the abdomen usually comes with minimal pain or nothing at all. But if the back and the flanks are treated as well, it would be normal to feel some degree of intermittent pain.

Pain after liposuction
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