Breast reduction surgery motivation risks and results

Breast reduction surgery motivation risks and results

Breast reduction surgery is also known as reduction mammoplasty. It is a surgical method that dispenses fat, tissue and skin from the breast area. Patients who have oversized breasts often turn to this intervention to have more proportionate breasts size.

Breast reduction surgery is highly recommended for dealing with the following issues:

• Sagging breasts with profound stretch imprints

• Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain brought on by heavy breasts

• Rashes and skin irritation under the breasts • Deep and irritating scores on shoulders caused by bra straps

• Unhealthy and unappealing body posture/figure

• Unfit to play sports • Low self-esteem because of the excessively voluminous bust

• Finding it hard where to buy the right size not only for undergarments but as well as other clothings

Of course, like any other medical surgery, the presence of possible danger seems inevitable. The general danger is often related to reactions to anesthesia. The following are the specific risks associated with breast reduction surgery:

1. There can be allergic reactions to materials and substances used during and after the plastic surgery.

2. Patients temporarily lose the feeling of sensitivity in the areola and nipple.

3. Complete loss of sensation of the areola and nipple

4. There can be breast asymmetries in size, shape, position, and form.

5. The procedure can leave permanent scars and marks.

6. There can be difficulties when it comes to breastfeeding.

7. Patients with higher body index have also a higher risk of delayed wound healing.

Before making a final decision, always make sure to weigh and understand your options as well as the risks and dangers that can possibly arise before and after the breast reduction process.

Breast reduction surgery motivation risks and results
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