What medications not to take

What medications not to take

Liposuction surgery is a relatively safe and harmless procedure especially if the patient follows the operative measures as advised by the surgeon before and after the intervention. Not doing so can be the reason why a patient becomes exposed to complications. In liposuction, one of the most important factors that surgeons discuss with their patients is the meditations not to take before the surgery.

The initial consultation is very important so you would know the medications and over-the-counter drugs that you must stop taking several weeks before undergoing liposuction. All the details will be discussed with you as well as the specific instructions. This is to minimize the risk of complications that are mostly associated with the use of general anesthesia for liposuction.

Here’s a list of the most common medications that you must stop taking before liposuction surgery:


No matter what form of aspirin you are taking, you must stop it a week before the intervention if you want to have a smooth healing process. This medication makes your blood thin and can even cause excessive bleeding during the liposuction intervention.


This medication can also cause bleeding that can affect blood clotting. Examples are Advil and Motrin.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Medications containing steroids can affect the patient’s platelet function. Worse, it can damage the immune system seriously.

There are also drugs and supplements and kinds of herbal medicines that are not advisable to take 2-3 weeks before liposuction. The surgeon will tell you exactly where to stop taking such medications and when you can resume having them again. Also, you must be honest with your surgeon about your entire medical history. Keep in mind that the more information you share about your medical history and medications with your doctor, the lesser the chances of complications during liposuction.

What medications not to take
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