Preparing for breast reduction surgery

Preparing for breast reduction surgery

In order to achieve the best outcome possible for any kind of cosmetic surgery, the patient’s cooperation and discipline is of utmost important. Surgeons provide a set of instructions that varies from patient to patient and following them plays a major role in swift and safe recovery.

If you are planning to undergo breast reduction surgery, here are some of the things that are generally recommended by most surgeons:

  1. If you are a smoker, you need to avoid it 2-3 weeks before the surgery as it decreases the amount of oxygen transferred by the blood to the tissue. But depending on how active you are, your surgeon may require a different duration before he/she can proceed with the surgery.
  2. Whether you are undergoing surgery or not, having a healthy diet is a must. If you are scheduled to undergo breast reduction surgery, make sure to eat nutritious foods, especially those that are recommended by your surgeon. The proper nutrients can help your body heal quickly and properly.
  3. Make sure to have someone who can accompany you before surgery and moreover after the procedure. You would be required to rest and to avoid doing activities that can give stress and pressure. You will have limited movements for a while and having someone to help you with house chores and other works is a must. Also, you will be resting most of the time so buy books, watch movies or prepare something that can keep you entertained.
  4. Prepare loose and comfortable clothes like buttoned down shirts so you don’t need to exert too much effort when it comes to changing.

These might sound like basic steps. But taking these tips into consideration will help you a lot in achieving the best result of breast reduction surgery.


Preparing for breast reduction surgery
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