How fat is injected into buttocks

How fat is injected into buttocks

Brazilian butt augmentation or also called as the hourglass butt augmentation involves removing fat from multiple areas and then injecting it back to those regions that need enhancement. But do you wonder how surgeons perform this kind of procedure?

Here is a list of procedures that I typically do:

After fat harvesting, it will be processed first to make it pure.

It will be placed in syringes and will be injected through small incisions using a 3 mm cannula.

The fat must be injected into the muscle to achieve great results.

Multiple incisions are required in order to reach the different regions on each buttock.

For the cannula to be inserted into different vectors, two incisions are required on the top of the buttock and one on the bottom part of the buttock.

I use 3 mm or less of a cannula. This is to ensure that the fats are going to survive. It is better to have a small tip at the end so that when the fat is injected it will create a nice figure and will last for a long time.

How fat is injected into buttocks
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