Delayed wound healing after breast enhancement

Delayed wound healing after breast enhancement

Have you undergone breast enhancement surgery? And now that you’re checking, is the wound taking too much time to heal? It is normal to feel worrisome especially if the wound doesn’t seem to be healing at all.

Although there are given period about the healing of surgical wounds, there are some that heals faster than the others. Of course, it also depends on your body.

Here are some of the possible reasons why the healing of your wounds seemed to get delayed:


Whether you have undergone breast enhancement surgery or not, the body must always be taken care of. It is of utmost importance that the body receives adequate nutrition so that delayed wound healing will be prevented.


Make sure that your body is well hydrated, too. If your wound is losing moisture, it would really take time to heal. But make sure to avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol as they cause dehydration, too.


This is among the reasons why many people are advised to lose weight first before the surgery. The thick layer of fat causes them to have a poor blood supply.


Cigarettes contain nicotine that can cause the blood vessels to shrink, thus lowering the amount of nutrients and oxygen that flow in the body.

Personal Hygiene

Any wound must be kept clean in order to lessen the risk of infection. Observing proper hygiene is always a must.

Chronic Illness

Numerous studies proved that those people who have diabetes tend to heal longer than others completely. This also makes them more susceptible to infection.

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases require steroids that can also further cause a delay in the healing.


Genetics play an important role in how the wound heals. There are others who end up with a keloid while others just have deal with a slight discoloration.

Delayed wound healing after breast enhancement
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