Correction of diastasis recti

Correction of diastasis recti

Diastasis recti is the condition that pertains to the weakness of the muscles that occurs after pregnancies. The recti muscles are a pair of muscles that that expand from the lower chest all the way to the pelvis. The uterus expands slowly during pregnancy and thus stretching the abdominal musculature which includes the fibrous tissue as well.

Most of the time, this doesn’t return to its previous form which creates the weakness in your abdominal wall. However, exercise is not a solution to this problem. To make you understand more about this condition, let’s take a look at my patient. There’s a protrusion in the midline, just above the belly button. But don’t mistake it as a hernia.

The space between the double blue lines reveals the weakness of this particular patient. When the patient leans forward, you will notice the severe weakness of the abdominal wall. This defines the pathology of diastasis recti.

How can this be corrected?

By using the tummy tuck procedure, the stretched muscles are sutured together at the midline to restore them to their previous anatomical position. Once the abdomen was pushed in, it will decrease the weakness of your abdominal muscles. You will also have smaller waistline, which will add to a better looking figure after pregnancy.

Correction of diastasis recti
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