Correcting the round buttock

Correcting the round buttock

There are different buttock shapes. Each one has its own anatomical assessment and recommendations for buttock augmentation. Now if you’re someone with round buttocks who is interested to undergo surgery, then this video of live surgery showing how to correct a round buttock and turning it into a more hourglass shape is for you.

The patient has the typical round buttock. This is a result of a surgery done by another surgeon where fat was incorrectly placed in designated areas. Look closely and you would notice that she has high hips. It is one of the signs that fat was injected in the wrong place. The side view shows she has a certain amount of projection while the top shows a deposit of fat. The lower area however, shows a deficiency.

How can this problem be corrected?

The first thing that needs to be done is to perform liposuction on the top part of the hips. There are indentations that show that the hip area is sinking and it requires fat injection in multiple passes in a more correct anatomical place. This procedure aims to recreate the hourglass figure from the front profile. Again, look closely on the picture. Her wide buttock is an indication of round shaped buttock. In order to recreate the sacral triangle of the buttock, liposuction must be performed on the lower back.

It will be done on the sides in the superior and medial aspect of the buttock as well. Fat will be injected to provide some projection and to decrease the horizontal nature of the patient’s buttock by stretching the skin and borrowing the skin from the sides in a more posterior direction. This procedure can increase the projection as well as decrease the width of the buttock.

Correcting the round buttock
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