Before and after buttock augmentation

Before and after buttock augmentation

Buttock augmentation has dramatically become the trendiest plastic surgery procedure nowadays. Breast augmentation takes the second spot. Thousands of women from US are considering in undergoing this procedure to enhance their behinds.

If you’re among them, here are the top things to consider prior and after surgery.

Before surgery:

You must be aware of the different types of surgery to know what suits you best. There is the buttock implant and there is the fat transfer. You have to consult with a professional surgeon about these things.

Make sure your surgeon is licensed and skilled in this medical area. You can check out testimonials and reviews as well as the medical clinic of the practitioner.

Get ready for the operation. In order to achieve the best possible results, make sure all the medical tests and scanning procedures are done.

Make sure to be honest with your medical history as well. You are the primary responsible in taking care of yourself.

Your surgeon would give you recommendations on what is the perfect procedure for you, depending on your anatomy. So make sure to consider the options being shown to you and decide.

After Surgery:

Expect that there are factors around you that can affect the result of surgery. As the fats are being absorbed by your body, expect your butt to shrink in the future.

Do not sit down for at least two weeks. Sitting may open up the incisions. After two weeks, you can sit but not for prolonged hours.
If you have a desk job, resume work after two weeks.

Avoid heavy physical activities like bending, running, stretching and weight lifting.

Spend most of your time resting for the first two weeks. Just make sure not to put too much pressure on your butt.

Avoid sex and exercise. Wait for five weeks before resuming doing these activities.

Before and after buttock augmentation
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